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Sept 18, 2013 Fall 2013 Newsletter
The Bible and Its Influence To Be Available In Digital Format
"A Distinct Academic Advantage" for 100,000 Students Nationwide
Focus on Character Education
Sept 11, 2012 Back to school - with the Bible
The Washington Post
Aug 2, 2012 Eastern launches Bible literacy
Curriculum to be included in elective classes as pilot program
Feb 15, 2012 South Dakota Legislature Passes Bill Urging Academic Study of the Bible
Press Release
Aug 2, 2011 Studying the Bible in public schools can help US students 'win the future'
Christian Science Monitor
March 26, 2011 High School Bible Class: Learning its impact
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
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Deborah Hicks
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National Media
October 17, 2010 Non Devotional Bible Study Moves Beyond Texas
Sept 29, 2010 Bible literacy classes in demand.
KYTX TV, Whitehouse, TX
Sept 15, 2010 Press Release
More than 470 schools nationwide now using Bible Literacy Project's curriculum, The Bible and Its Influence
Dec 11, 2009 The Bible Belongs in Schools
Education Week
Aug 17, 2009 Teach the Bible? Of course.
USA Today
Mar 2008 Another Kind of Bible Study
American Educator
Apr 2, 2007 Cover Story: The Case for Teaching The Bible
TIME Magazine
Jun 2, 2006 College Students Should Know More About the Bible, English Professors Say in Survey 
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Oct 13, 2005
New Textbook Addresses Influence of The Bible as Literature
Voice of America
Oct 13, 2005 A Bible Textbook in Public Schools
FOX News "You Decide" Segment
May 12, 2005 Biblical ignorance
Endorsement/Editorial: Chicago Tribune
Other Media
April 12, 2010 Teaching the Bible as literature
School Board News: Conference Daily
Feb 27, 2010 Pop culture is filled with allusions to the Bible -- but fewer people can recognize them
Anniston Star
Jan 19, 2010 Campbell County schools to offer Bible course this fall
WBIR TV-10, Knoxville, TN
Jan 10, 2010 Bible school: Legislation would allow course on history and literature
Tulsa World
Aug 31, 2009 Bible Courses Underway In Wood County Schools
West Virginia Metro News
Oct 21, 2008 The Bible As Literature Course in High Schools
NBC 13.com, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, AL
Sept, 2008 Bible Based Class Introduced at Whitehouse High School
CBS 19 KYTX TV Texas
Aug 14, 2008 WHS teacher introduces class with focus on the Bible
Tri-Country Leader
Aug 19, 2008 Bible course well received at area high school
Opelika-Auburn News
May 11, 2008 Bible study isn't limited to religion
Christian tome shaped literature, language, social issues for centuries

Las Vegas Review Journal
Apr 28, 2008 Law aims for biblical literacy without proselytizing: Teaching without preaching
Houston Chronicle
Apr 24, 2008 Gilmer High School Will Offer Bible Course
KLTV 7- Gilmer
Mar 2008 Bible Study Could Become More Popular
Fox 17- Nashville
Mar 2008 High school course teaches 'The Bible and its influence'
The Orange Leader
Feb 17 2009 Poet Laureate Andrew Motion calls for all children to be taught the Bible
The Telegraph UK
Feb 2007 Bibles in the Classroom
News 3 On Your Side
Oct 22, 2007 Alabama Prescribes a Bible Textbook
TIME Online
Oct 20, 2007 Alabama brings the Bible back
WORLD On the Web
Oct 17, 2007 Our textbook is now approved by the Alabama State Board of Education!
Learn more.
May 16, 2007 The Bible Literacy Project is Covered on the Today Show
The show visit Cedar Park High School to see how the course is working.
Apr 1, 2007 Area high school offers Bible-as-literature elective
The Tribune-Democrat
Mar 31, 2007 A class by themselves
The Herald-Zeitung, (New Braunfels, TX)
Mar 28, 2007 Breakpoint with Chuck Colson Read the article
Listen to the Audio
Prime Time American 10/13/2006
Nov 2006 Christian Educators Association International Endorses The Bible and Its Influence
Nov 2006 Groups tout Bible's educational benefits
The Advocate
Oct 13, 2006 Prime Time America: Sheila Weber Interview

Prime Time American 10/13/2006    Prime Time American 10/13/2006 primetime

Aug 2006 Study: Professors urge schools to teach Bible
American Family Association
Aug 18, 2006 Group promotes use of Bible textbook in public schools
Pittsburgh Catholic
Jun 15, 2006 The Bible: Spiritual guide or literary blueprint? Some educators say teaching Bible important to understanding literature
Daily Herald
Jun 13, 2006 Biblical Literacy
Calvin College
Jun 12, 2006 KLOVE: Sheila Weber Interview

KLOVE Interview 6/12/06   KLOVE Interview 6/12/06   KLOVE Interview 6/12/06
Jun 8, 2006 English professor Gerald Bruns assists biblical literacy study
University of Notre Dame
Jun 7, 2006 College Professors Say Bible Literacy Gives Students an Edge & Bible Literacy
Education Week
Jun 7, 2006 Preparing for College by Reading the Bible
Jun 6, 2006. Sheila Weber, live, in-studio interview, KWTX (CBS affiliate), Waco, TX.
 KLOVE Interview 6/12/06
Jun 6, 2006 Prof. Wayne Glausser Contributes to National Report on Bible Literacy
DePauw University
Jun 5, 2006 Bible Literacy Report II with Chuck Stetson, KWTX (CBS affiliate) Waco, TX.
KLOVE Interview 6/12/06
Jun 3, 2006 Good education includes Bible knowledge
Jun 1, 2006 Professors Say Collegians Must Have Bible Knowledge
Citizen Link: Focus on the Family
Jun 2007 Focus on the Family Position Statement:
Bible Literacy Electives in Public Schools
May 21, 2006 The Bible in the classroom
Daily Home
May 5, 2006 Bible literacy is needed in schools
Tribune Democrat
May 5, 2006 Bible 101-- New textbook offers students chance to study document in public schools
Christian Examiner
Apr 4, 2007 Results of Three Scientific Studies Significantly Boost Rationale for Introducing Bible As Literature Courses In Public Schools
Religion News Service
Apr 1-4 2006 Bible Literacy Attends the ASCD Conference
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
In Chicago, Illinois. April 1-3, 2006
Mar 2, 2006 Hear Sheila Weber as Featured on FamilyNetRadio's Morning Show
Feb 2006 New public school textbook, The Bible and Its Influence, gains support and use.
The book seeks to dramatically increase current 8% of public schools offering Bible electives
Christian Wire Service
Feb 2006 A Review of The Bible and Its Influence
Gospel Advocate
Feb 14, 2006 A Good Book for all: Secular study of Bible beneficial
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Feb 8, 2006 The Bible: Coming to a Classroom Near You?
Featured on CBN TV Broadcast
Feb 5, 2006 The Bible: Coming to a Classroom Near You?
CBN News
Feb 2, 2006 Exploring a source of cultural literacy
Kansas City Star
Oct 17, 2005 Public-school Bible study is good - if itयne right
Decatur Daily
Jan 30, 2006 Bible Textbook Upholds Constitution, Still Fuels Debate
District Administration
Jan 26, 2006 Democrats in 2 Southern States Push Bills on Bible Study
New York Times
Jan 25, 2006 Public schools looking at Bible literacy class. Backers say course is academic.
USA Today
Jan 18, 2006 New Braunfels OKs school Bible course
San Antonio Express-News
Dec 6, 2005
High school textbook targets biblical illiteracy
Focus on the Family's Citizen Magazine
Dec 2, 2005
Bill Would Allow Bible Literacy Class Into Public High Schools
NBC 13
Dec 2, 2005
New U.S. textbook aims to teach Bible
Nov 16, 2006 Hear Sheila Weber on Pilgrim Radio discussing the widespread acceptance and successful use of The Bible and Its Influence

Prime Time American 10/13/2006    Prime Time American 10/13/2006

November 2005 Attacking cultural illiteracy:
The Bible and its Influence
Christian Examiner
November 2005 To the Land of Milk and Honey
NEA Today: Book Focus
Oct 28, 2005 Texas Officials to Hear About Bible Curriculum
Citizen-Link / Focus on the Family
Oct 15, 2005 Getting the Bible Back in School
New York Post
Oct 14, 2005
Know Thy Bible: Donথar Scripture teaching
National Review
Oct 14, 2005
New public-school textbook on the Bible cleverly skirts trouble
Associated Press
Oct 8, 2005
Bible literature courses are rarities
Indy Star
Oct 2, 2005 New textbook could broker peace in public school Bible wars
Decatur Daily
Oct 2, 2005
Bible Book Made for Public Schools
Washington Post
Oct 2005 The Beginning of Education
Christianity Today
Sep 29, 2005
A Bible course without the lawsuits?
The Christian Science Monitor
Sep 28, 2005
Good Book
Cape Cod Times
Sep 28, 2005
Bible-Literacy Project Offers Textbook for High Schools
Sep 27, 2005
Schools consider teaching Bible
The Herald (Rock Hill, SC)
Sep 24, 2005
A Bible Textbook Begat by Church-State Separation
LA Times
Sep 22, 2005
Bible Textbook for Public Schools Planned
Associated Press
Sept 22, 2005
New Textbook Released:
Scholars Agree On The First Bible Textbook Hailed For Use In Public Schools
Press Conference Video from the National Press Club
Sep 21, 2005
Bible textbook could circumvent culture war
Knight Ridder Newspapers
Sep 9, 2005 See video interviews with four teachers who participated in our teacher training program. The program used drafts of The Bible and Its Influence.
Aug 27, 2005 Alabama Education Association distributes religion guides to 50,000 teachers.
Associated Press
Aug 16, 2005 Bible class doesn't have to be holy war
Dallas Morning News
Aug 15, 2005 The Bible, Shakespeare and public schools
The Washington Times
May 27, 2005 Why the Bible Belongs in America's Public Schools
LA Times
May 16, 2005 Bible Illiteracy in America
Cover Story: Weekly Standard
May 9, 2005 New surveys make the case for public school Bible classes
Associated Press
May 5, 2005 Bible knowledge needed: Teachers say high school students miss much in literature due to biblical ignorance
Corvallis Gazette-Times
May 1, 2005 Top English teachers see value of teaching Bible as literature
The Washington Times
Apr 30, 2005 Bible knowledge can give students an edge:
Do Bible-literate students have an advantage in their English and American literature classes?
The Freelance Star
Apr 29, 2005 Gallup Poll finds many U.S. teens are lacking in basic Bible knowledge
Associated Press
Apr 27, 2005 Public schools' exclusion of religion does students great disservice
The Chicago Tribune
Apr 27, 2005 Teaching the Bible as literature: Teachers say it can, and should, be done
Associated Press/ABC12
Apr 27, 2005 Public Schools Still Wary of Lessons on Bible...
Yet in a New Study, Teachers Report Need for Grounding in Biblical Knowledge
Education Week
Apr 26, 2005
A New National Report on Teenage Bible Literacy Released
Press Conference Video from the National Press Club
Apr 26, 2005 Landmark National Report Reveals 98% of High-School English Teachers Surveyed Believe Bible Literacy Gives Distinct Academic Advantage.
Bible Literacy Press Release
  Featured Topic: Bible Literacy Project Teacher Training Program
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Featured Topic: Bible Literacy Project Teacher Training Program    Featured Topic: Bible Literacy Project Teacher Training Program


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